Hope SO .


assalamualaikum and hello guy(s)

today i wanna show you my NEW HEADER + NEW BACKGROUND = EVERYTHING IS NEW ?
hehe ... wanna see my header ?
look at my header lhaa friend .
why GREY ?
because i love grey colour . Ohhemmjay !
so .. what ?

okey u know what ... some people say this to me
 " can you follow me back"
okey what the food ? if you say like that .... i will say this to you !
"sorry my dear , i can't be your followers . "
 so if you want ME to follow you blog or whatever you must say this !
"I'm not forcing you to become my followers"
okey , thats good right ? then i will say this !
" my pleasure"
so please girlfriend and boyfriend ...
do not force me to follow you blog . i will be angry like the angry bird .
what the food .

just that .
there some example :

did you see the YELLOW Colour ? 
did you see the PINK Colour ?
did you see the RED colour ? 
did you see the TICK ?

okey good.. so , safe to read .
wassalam .

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