How To Know your BLOG PRICE

Assalamualaikum and hello

yoww guys , how are you ? okey , I really hate tagged game but sometime i feel good ! okey btw come and visit her too Click Here

So today my activities are facebooking , blogwalking and I feel like wanna change my blog background into black. How about you ? that black is to nice ? ohh ya , before i forgot , I wanna show you how to know your blog price. before that i wanna credit to Amalina . Make sure that if you wanna post this into your blog , you must credit with the owner if not , the owner will blacklist and eat you !!

Let's Begin ....

1. You must go to this WEBSITE
2. You must put your link or your friend's link
3. You can get the price of your blog .

try it . and happy blogging :)

nota kepala : dah try ke ? brapa harga blog korang ? 

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