The Pirates of The Caribbean


 Assalamualaikum and Ni hou ma . 
Hello jelly . Long time not see you . How are you ? . Today i wanna share with you something what I like forever . Wow , it's look like interesting right jelly ? what ! not intereting ? Do I care ? if you don't want to read this post , you can go out from my page . *joking dear* 

So , you see the title , the picture above . What ? The Pirates Of The Caribbean ? Wow , I like that , yeah , I like too .. I know some people say like that right ? so how about you ? did you also like that movie ? i need your answer now jelly . I have been wasting my time waiting for your answer. 

Stop to talk with you , okey , I love to watch that movie . what movie ? drum please ....  
The Pirates Of The Caribbean . I really like this movie . i love the characters Jack Sparrow . I like him fuck damn much .. aww .. melebih pulak .. , yesterday , someone told me, he have that CD at his house lhaa . so , i tell to him that he must bring the CD and give it to me . but you know what he say to me ? "you must say "Wo Ai Ni" to me " ? and I say this "Wo Hen Ni" aww ... and i say , i can buy that cd at Pasar Malam or Kedai CD . and go to hell lhaa boy ! .. and he say like this to me , " alololo , i'm joking with you lhaa" huh  . DO I CARE ? 

so , i wanna that cd , and i wish that my brother wanna buy it for me.. hope so.
here you .. 


I Like Him .I not Love Him But I like Him ... 
Jack Sparrow 

The Queen Of London 
Alifah Zahirah Ramli

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