Tag Again ?

I have been tagged  in Tag Game ? this is the first time I play this game . I tagged by a girl who's name Ayda . okey she is my 500 followers .
okey Ifa tak nak ikut rules tu ! just nak jawab apa yang korang soal dekat Ifa ! Ade hakuu kesahh ??

11 things about me .

-My name is Alifah Zahirah
-I love to eat more food everyday
-I love my best friend and classmate
-I don't have boyfriend !!
-I'm Talk active person !
-I like to watch Food Network Asia channel .
-Everyday , I will buy Char Kuey Teow at Kedai Mesra.
-I hate people like Haters , Copypig , Anonymous
-I love to ride the my motorcycle.
-Study at Burn Charcoal

-your name till your grandfather name
Alifah Zahirah binti Ramli Bin Ismail 
-your fav colour ?
All Colour 
-name of your fav aunt?
i don't have fav. aunt in my life !
-genre movie that u like ?
Genre ? what that ? 
-your dream ?
I wanna get 8A in my PMR 
-your fav actor / actress
Ashraf Muslim :) 
-place u want to go
Mekkah and Madinah again !
-number of your facebook  friend
-the most important things in your life
Family , Friend 
-lappy / handphone ?
Both of them !
-your math teacher's name
Mrs Fakhariah

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