Day 2 : Ten Things That you want to say now

Assalamualaikum and Hello .

This is my second challenge about 10 things that you want to say now :

  • I want to buy new guitar 
  • I want to EAT food like Macaroni 
  • I want to say HI to somebody in my class and outside of my school 
  • Boring with my entry today ? 
  • Do I care if you HATE me ? jelly with me ? 
  • Please don't be A Copycat 
  • I try to the best in my PMR next year 
  • I wanna say BYE to somebody who don't want to read my entry 
  • Now , I wanna play guitar with him *just my cousin* 
  • And sorry for the BAD and BROKEN English . 

Finish my second challenge . I have 8 more challenge to do .
ohh , before that look at my blockquote

Hello people , This is my new blockquote from HERE . So i use her code and i will credit to her .

So enjoy your day :)
Wassalam and Happy Blogging :)

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ain dzaya said...

jom rebut di sini ;)