Day 4 : Four Things that You Never Done

Assalamualaikum and Hello .

Okey , guy(s) today is my 4th Challenge and about :  4 things that you never done

okey , lets check it out ....

  • Finish my homework . 
  • Approve people in the Facebook 
  • I try to do the best blog skin
  • Eating Char Kuey Teow . 

Done ! I forgot , today is the best day for somebody or maybe i say people in facebook who wrote in their status about 11.11.2011.
i don't know why ? but ! yeah i know because the number is so nice about 11 .
well . i saw the mood last night in malam jumaat . wow ! the mood is so beautiful than you .
It has like a ring and the moon is between the ring .

okey that's all for today and sorry for the bad english .

Head Note : I got no. One in the class and also congratulation to all 2 kreatif students and to SPM Candidates 2011 . 

Wassalam :)

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