Day 7 : Place You Want To Go

Assalamualaikum and Hello .

Hai Awak . This is my 7th Challenge and About : Place You Want To Go

Okey , I just have two place that i want to go .
Check it out babyy !!

Firstly .

of course I want to go MAKKAH .
Last year , I went to Makkah for Umrah! And I miss the Kaabah . Ohh Allah , so nice.
I have a nice friend , Her name is Hana.
I saw the camel . and drink the Camel's milk .
Ohh Allah , So Good ~
I eat the food that we call : I forgot it ! sorry ^^

*my Face!!


I want to go to LONDON. And meet my boyfriend. Who is my boyfriend ?
He is Greyson Chance ! you Jelly ? good .

Done ! Wassalam and Happy blogging .

Sorry about the Bad English! Well nobody's Perfect !

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