Day 9 : Five things that you cant live without

Assalamualaikum and Hello .

 This is My second last for 10 letter Challenge. Hope i can do the next target . ? huh ? what are i'm talking about ? Okey the title is : 5 things that you cant live without.

before that , i wanna wish to all UPSR CANDIDATES 2011 who get 5A in UPSR , Congratulation to you all. I just smile and say : Good Luck : I'm sure that your mother and father will buy to you something special like mine last year. I got my own lappy :) .

Okey , stop talking about that.

5 things that I can cant live without are :
  • Laptop 
  • Handphone 
  • My Family 
  • My friends 
  • My Books . 
About the no.5 !
yes , I cant live without book ! because , I want to be a clever girl and get 8A in my PMR next year.
So, I have to study early before the exam right ? so , everyday i do the practical book to improve my language , my brain or what are i'm talking about ?

so DONE for this Challenge.
Wassalam and Happy Blogging.


AdaNaz87 said...

good luck for your pmr. all the best! ((;

Alifah Zahirah said...

Thank you for your wish :)

AdaNaz87 said...

welcome alifah. ((;