New skin Again

Assalamualaikum and Hello.

Hi you. How are you ? today i want to write in English. Why? Because I want to improve my
grammar , vocabulary and all about English. By the way , I love to write in English , because i
feel like good ~ okey joking*

So how about my new skin ? I made this skin with my codes. I took a time for 3 Hours to make this
simple skin. So tired you know. Thanks to my brother because he teach me about the codes and how
to make a nice and simple skin. Thanks Brother :)


As well as I know that MC-QUEEN is my Theme. Let me intro to you. Some people asking me
why I put my blog theme as Mc-Queen? And I just laugh at the same time. Haha~ okey
When I was watching The Cars 2 * Did you know? * I was see the little Red car who that there call as
Lightning Mc Queen. So I took the name for my site as Mc Queen.

Color Background

Why i use the spot background ? so ugly right ? but who cares baby. I love this background with a little spot and actually i got the background at Mr. Google . Hoho. Thanks google. Oh ya ..
I like it.


Jealous with my Animation Header? I think not ? because you will say "of course not" but in heart
who know accept Allah. It's okey , I know that my header so ugly right ? Blablabla.. okey ,
" I Believe I can Fly to London and Make My parents Happy " . Why ?
Because I believe that one day i will go to London and see the Queen Elizebeth II and adore her as
my grandmother , can I ?

New Skin

Why I change my skin ? Actually , I want to change this skin about two weeks ago. But I change
the codes and I want to wait until I have 900 followers . So now I have 900+ followers and I change
to the new skin .


Who is my inspiration to make this skin? When I saw Kak Nazihah's blog , Oh my god , I feel
so jealous with her blog and I asked my brother who to make blog skin like that. And when i saw
Athirah's blog , I was force my brother to teach me for the codes . And you can see my blog now.

And I love this new skin so much. If you jealous , just click Ctrl+W and Good Bye :)
Sorry for the Bad English , well nobody's perfect accept Rasulullah SAW and Allah SWT :)

Wassalamualaikum and Happy Blogging

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