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Assalamualaikum and hello. Long time no see so tonight i feel free to update my blog. Actually , i don't have time to update anything . I've reasons why i don't post anything here. One , my laptop was BOOM ! No lah , my brother , he borrowed my laptop to do his work i thought ? Something like that ~ I don't care. Second , I'm not home. I'm went to Cameron Highland , Pahang for holidays. A few days me and my family we spent times together at Cameron Highland.

It is very happy and enjoy cause I can release my tension on studying. So my father decide with family bring us to CH. I don't care where my family want to go but make sure that they do not forget me ! Before I forget tomorrow is school. So tonight is the last holidays and it feels so bored. I just like a crazy panda who wasted her times on 2 weeks for holidays. I didn't do nothing ! Morning , I woke up then take a bath , breakfast , spent times watching korean dramas like Running Man , All about my Romance , When Tomorrow Comes.

In Evening , I'm reading novels ! A lot of novels. I just bought 4 novels for 2 weeks. I love read. The title of the novels that i bought were :

  • Jodoh itu Milik Kita 
  • Protect the Boss
  • Sungguh ! Aku Gilakan Kau. 
  • Paparazzi Princess. 
The third once is my favourite. Sungguh! Aku Gilakan Kau! When the first time i read this novel , i thought that the characters are the same like what happened around me. Especially the heroin character. This novel is about friendship i thought. The girl and the boy , there are best friend since University. Then they worked at the same place cause the boy , he has a very big company. Rich + Handsome + Smart boy ! Hahaha damn. i love it. 

I think you should buy if you want to know more about that novel. So that's all for today. Tomorrow is school and yeah ~ Come back to school. 
One more ! Happy Birthday to my classmate , Naim. 
I wish you will success in your life and be handsome dude ! 
Don't forget me where ever you're ! 
Catch you soon ! 

See you again . Bye ~ 

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